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Spiritus the Spiritual Marketing Business Directory and Law of Attraction

Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory

Shelagh Jones - creator of The Spiritual Marketing Directory

Have you ever wished you could find out about a company, its values and how it's run BEFORE you do business with it?

Well - you can do that right here at Spiritus, your Spiritual Marketing Directory.

Here's how:

In the Search box below, type what you are looking for.

You can enter the name of a product (like: ebooks), a service (like: coaching) - or maybe something that matters to you (like: punctuality).

Your Spiritus search will detail a selection of businesses that meet your Search and the answers they give to these three important questions:

  • What does "Marketing from Spirit" mean to us?
  • How is that reflected in the way we run our business?
  • What 3 values are most important to our business?

Look through the businesses, and when you are attracted to one or more, you can click through to get their full business details.

Then you can start your business relationship. Because as you know, relationships built on shared values are the most fulfilling for all involved.

That's what we love to do here at Spiritus - we make great connections among businesses and customers who think along similar lines and honor like-values.

© 2008, 2009, 2010 Spiritus.

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