How to advertise in Spiritus – the Spiritual Marketing Directory

Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory, is a place for like-minded suppliers and customers to find each other.

There are two ways to advertise your business in the directory:

  1. Apply online by completing the application form here,
  2. Be referred by an existing advertiser (via the referral link available to each advertiser). So if someone sent you here, do ask them for their referral link so we know and can thank them (see below)

In both cases, the application form will be scrutinized by the Supervising panel before your business listing is accepted. The decision of that panel is final.


There is a monthly charge of $10 (USD) (or £5GBP if you live in the UK) to list your business in Spiritus – the Spiritual Marketing Directory.

There is no set-up charge, and no contract period.

Payment is made by a Paypal recurring subscription which can be cancelled by the advertiser at any time.

Forums for Business Members of Spiritus –the Spiritual Marketing Directory

Advertisers in the Directory receive free access to the Members Forums where you can:

  • Promote your business directly to fellow Members
  • Announce new products, services, special offers
  • Ask for advice from fellow Members
  • Offer advice to fellow Members
  • Respond to requests for products and services not yet offered in the Directory
  • Find out who wins the Helping Hands Fund each month, and see where the money was donated.

Referral Programme

It is in everyone's interest that the number of advertisers increases, so we will give you a specific link and url so you can introduce Spiritus –the Spiritual Marketing Directory to other businesses as a way to promote their own business.

To thank you for this, if you refer one or more new advertisers (who are approved by the Supervising Panel) to the Directory in a given month (via your referral link) we will pay you a commission equal to the charge for one month’s listing.

This will be paid into your Paypal account during the first few days of the following month.

We hope you will use this referral process to effectively have free advertising in the Directory for yourself!

The Helping Hand Fund

Instead of paying an ongoing commission or referral fee to businesses who refer other businesses to Spiritus –the Spiritual Marketing Directory, we have decided to place ten per cent of the income of the Directory (after Sales taxes have been paid) into the Helping Hand Fund.

The money from this Fund will be distributed each month to an organisation chosen by the business which has referred most new businesses to the Directory in the previous month.

The choice of organisation will be subject to approval by the Supervising Panel, but it is intended that this approval will normally be given.

If there is more than one business who refers the same number of businesses in a given month then the Fund will be shared equally between them.

It will be a condition of receiving money from the Helping Hand Fund that details of the organisation can be circulated to all members of Spiritus- the Spiritual Marketing Directory and, in normal circumstances, to the general public.


If you have any questions, please look at the Hints, Tips and FAQs page.

If you can't find the answer there, you can email us at info @ (remove the spaces - put for security)

Click here to advertise in the Directory now!



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