Hints, Tips and FAQs

After you join Spiritus you will receive a series of short emails to help you get started and get the most out of your Spiritus membership.

This page repeats some of those tips, and also answers some of the questions we are most often asked.

If your question is not answered here, then please contact us using the Contact form


Getting Started

These three audio messages will help familiarise you with the main features of Spiritus.

1 - The public face of Spiritus - what visitors to the site see.

2 - Behind the scenes at Spiritus - what you see.

3 - Setting up your Business Listing, your Attraction in Action page


What is the Helping Hand Fund?

Instead of paying an ongoing commission or referral fee to businesses who refer other businesses to Spiritus –the Spiritual Marketing Directory, we have decided to place ten per cent of the income of the Directory (after Sales taxes have been paid) into the Helping Hand Fund.

The money from this Fund will be distributed each month to an organisation chosen by the business which has referred most new businesses to the Directory in the previous month.

The choice of organisation will be subject to approval by the Supervising Panel, but it is intended that this approval will normally be given.

If there is more than one business who refers the same number of businesses in a given month then the Fund will be shared equally between them.

It will be a condition of receiving money from the Helping Hand Fund that details of the organisation can be circulated to all members of Spiritus- the Spiritual Marketing Directory and, in normal circumstances, to the general public.


Why don't my User name and password work in the Spiritus Forum?

We know that some businesses want more than one person in the organisation to be able to post in the Spiritus Forum, so everyone needs to Register when they first use the Forums.

You cna use the name you used to join Spiritus, or choose a different one.


Where does Spiritus operate?

Spiritus operates in any country where payment can be made using the Paypal system.

Payment is made in US dollars, except for UK residents who can choose to pay in GBP.

If you live in a country where Paypal does not operate and you would like to join then please contact us using the Contact Form and we will see if there is another way to make payment.


How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership of Spiritus you cancel your Subscription at Paypal.

We will be notified by Paypal and will make the necessary changes at Spiritus.

We may contact you to make sure that your membership was not cancelled in error - for example if you change the credit card or bank account you are using at Paypal, they automatically cancel all your subscriptions.

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