What 'marketing from spirit' means to us

Marketing from spirit means marketing from love, marketing from a place that knows every one of us is on the Earth for a purpose - and that ultimately this purpose is to bring more love into whatever we touch.

How that is reflected in the way we run our business

Our keynote is service: we spend the greater part of our time holding healing workshops that clear the cellular imprints of trauma and pain which have kept people in struggle. Their powerful, divinely-sourced energies change people's lives at core levels. We also provide easily affordable virtual healing products that are unique: encoded with high-frequency energies, these make healing easily available in the comfort of people's homes. At every stage, we do all we can to support people in their process through deep listening and presence.

The 3 values that are most important to our business

  1. Love
  2. Truth
  3. Growth

Who we are and what we do

We are pioneers in angelically-sourced, radical healing that changes lives from the inside out, training practitioners in Metatronic Healing, whose workshops are also healing intensives for anyone ready for profound change. Their healing effects influence the spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of those we work with.

We also provide the audio services of the Divine Healing Clinic, a growing range of virtual, musically-accompanied recordings, encoded with the high frequencies of the Archangel Metatron, to bring virtual massage, help with sleep, auric clearance and many other benefits directly into people's bodies and homes.
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