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Spiritus-the Spiritual Marketing Directory Affiliate program enquiry

What are we offering you as an Affiliate?

There are two ways that you will get paid:

  1. when a new member business listing is approved, you will be paid $10
  2. on each annual anniversary of a business listing, you will be paid $10.

(Commission payments are made through Paypal on or before the 10th day of the month following the transaction).

We'll give you banners and access to the fully-functioned Affiliate Centre to track your sales and commissions.

We'll be holding training calls and webinars (recorded if you cannot attend live.)

You will get a valuable backlink to your business website from the Attraction in Action page of every business you refer to Spiritus.

Shelagh Jones, founder of Spiritus - The
Spiritual Marketing DirectoryDear Affiliate Partner

I am so excited to be talking to you today!

Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory has been steadily growing since it was created in 2008, mainly through referrals from existing members, and is now ready to move to the next stage by partnering with skilled Affiliate Marketers like yourself to attract new members.

What do we require of you?

Basically, we expect you to promote Spiritus in a way that is aligned with the philosophy of the Directory.


So what exactly is Spiritus?

Spiritus is a Business Directory which connects businesses with customers through shared values in accordance with Law of Attraction.

This is how it works (go here to try it for yourself!)

In the Search box, type what you are looking for.

You can enter the name of product (like: ebooks), a service (like: coaching) - or maybe something that matters to you (like: punctuality).

Your Spiritus search will detail a selection of businesses who meet your Search and the answers they give to these three important questions:

  • What does "Marketing from Spirit" mean to us?
  • How is that reflected in the way we run our business?
  • What 3 values are most important to our business?

Visitors look through the businesses, and when they are attracted to one or more, can click through to get the full business details. That starts the business relationship - and as you know, relationships built on shared values are the most fulfilling for all involved. That's what we love to do here at Spiritus - we make great connections among businesses and customers who think along similar lines and honor like values.

This is an opportunity to use your Internet Marketing skills to create both immediate income and also residual income which recurs year after year, for as long as the businesses you refer to Spiritus continue to advertise with us.

What do Members get when they list their business in Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory?

  • An "Attraction in Action" page to answer the three questions above and describe exactly what the business offers
  • Search Engine Optimisation of the Attraction in Action page
  • Referral program designed to give monthly membership free in return for helping to build Spiritus
  • Opportunity to win the Helping Hand Fund* each month
  • Benefit from Social Networking and other promotional activities carried out by Spiritus to build awareness in the general public of the Directory
  • Free access to the Spiritus business forum to network with other advertisers in the Directory
  • Business training teleclasses and resources

What more do Spiritus Members get?

  • Free participation in the Business-to-Business Forums
  • Free inclusion of new Events or Offers in the weekly Newsletter sent to all members of Spiritus and to all non-members who request it
  • Free re-Tweeting of Tweets via @SpiritusShelagh
  • Free promotion of offers to fellow members
  • Free access to interactive Business Information calls
  • Free access to the archive of Business Information calls
  • Free access to the Business Forum to request or offer information of any aspect of business from fellow members
  • Free entry into the competition to allocate the monthly Helping Hand fund which is won by the person referring the most new members to Spiritus in a month (Affiliates are eligible for this as well)

Spiritus Membership

Membership of Spiritus is free of charge, and each business listed by a member costs $10 a month (or 5 if resident in the UK).

A member can list as many businesses as they want but each one costs $10 a month, payable in advance through a PayPal subscription on the monthly anniversary of joining.

There is no membership fee or set-up charge; a member cancels a Spiritus subscription by cancelling the Paypal Subscription.

*What is the Helping Hand Fund?

  • We place ten per cent of the gross income of the Directory (after Sales taxes and commissions) into the Helping Hand Fund
  • The money from this Fund is distributed each month to an organisation chosen by the business which has referred the most new businesses to the Directory in the previous month

If what we are doing resonates with you, then

Click here to join the Affiliate Program

At Last! A way to use the Law of Attraction to advertise your business more effectively

© 2008, 2009, 2010 Spiritus.

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